Joy - Shower Smoothies 14 Pack

Joy - Shower Smoothies 14 Pack


Why watch your shower steamer dissolve down the drain when you can get so much more from it than aromatherapy alone? You can really take the essential oils benefits to the next level when they are absorbed through your skin.

Our unique recipe will also leave you with a silky smooth touch, hydrated, and smelling great.

Place 2 to 3 Shower Smoothies in the included loofah bag and use it as you would a washcloth.

Happy spa experience right from your shower!

Bring happy thoughts to your mind! This blend will uplift and leave you in a good mood.

Citrus oils brighten even the gloomiest day. Citrus with a touch of vanilla.


We only use pure certified essential oils.


Breathe Deep, Breathe Goodness.

Size: 14 smoothies

Never tested on animals. 

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