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Where to Get the Best Burgers in Milwaukee

No matter what type of burger you prefer, from crispy smashed patties or juicy half-pound monsters, you'll find a burger you love in Milwaukee. From diners to steakhouses, most restaurants in the city serve up solidly good burgers, so figuring out which one to try next can be a challenge. Fortunately, we've put together a list to bring you the best of the best places in Milwaukee to satisfy those burger cravings.

Merriment Social

This is Milwaukee's favorite gathering place in Walker's Point. Merriment Social proudly serves delicious burgers, shakes, fried chicken, and craft beer. The Swayze Train Burger is filled with spicy cream cheese, pepper-jack cheese, bacon, roadhouse sauce, arugula and even onion rings to top it all off. Their burgers and drinks are unique and tasty, so you'll definitely want to go back for more! Merriment Social describes themselves as "a gathering place that focuses on serving high quality seasonal cuisine and strives to deliver hospitality that constantly exceeds guest expectations."

North Avenue Grill

You can get your big half-pound burgers topped your way here, but we suggest the Peppercorn Horsey burger, which comes topped with thick-cut bacon, cheddar jack cheese, and a mound of onion strings, plus creamy, spicy horseradish sauce. North Avenue Grill is a true Milwaukee diner for everyone!

The Stilt House

Located in the heart of historic downtown Cedarburg, The Stilt House offers mouthwatering burgers, such as their signature Stilt Burger, that's topped with portobello mushrooms, bacon, ale-braised onions, Gouda, and their amazing bistro sauce, all inside a yummy pretzel roll. You can also enjoy a drink from their list of high end American craft beers, as well as a variety of over 30 wines. Their extensive summer patio dining on picturesque Cedar Creek is all the more reason to stop by and try their delicious plates for yourself!

The Bay Restaurant

Enjoy some of the best dishes served in Whitefish Bay in this warm and inviting neighborhood hangout. In a world where restaurants go for quantity, trying to make giant burgers, they often fall short on flavor. The Bay’s hamburgers are made perfectly sized with a multiplier of quality created with fresh ingredients and just the right combination of toppings creating an experience you will want to come back for again and again.

Crafty Cow

Crafty Cow is a family owned bar and restaurant located in Oconomowoc and Milwaukee. When they opened their doors, they set themselves apart from the rest of the burgers in Wisconsin by offering chef-driven, unforgettable burgers. Their specialties include juicy Lucy burgers, craft beer and cocktails, in a down-home, easy-going environment. Crafty Cow is unapologetically crafty and their food is made with time and care.


This diner-style burger joint has been going strong since 1934, showing that they do burgers right. They grind their own beef every single day, plus every burger comes with two sides; the best choices being golden-brown American fries topped with a pat of butter and a cup of homemade soup. This is the matriarch of all burgers in MKE... so go for the classic cheeseburger.

Solly's Grille

Among Milwaukee's essential restaurants, Solly's is known for the thick smear of butter that pools on the plate, like a reflecting pool for your bold dietary choices. The Cheesehead burger is beyond belief, with two-thirds of a pound of beef, mushrooms, and stewed onions, all topped by a glorious crown of cheddar, Swiss, and American cheese. This one's messy, so make sure you have your napkins ready!

Sobelmans Burger


Sobelman’s is a Milwaukee institution best known for their Bloody Mary. The namesake burger is a classic, topped with three cheeses, bacon, fried onions, and diced jalapeños. Add the spicy ketchup that's available on every table, and you'll be in heaven! You'll experience the friendliest service and most pleasant, cozy atmosphere. It's a must try!


Tuesdays at Goodkind are burger night! One burger is available each week, with beef sourced from local farms. Topping combinations range from unique options like bacon and fava bean relish, to classics-with-a-twist, like homemade cheese sauce and ramp mayonnaise. So as long as you're not devoted exclusively to ultra-classic burgers, the weekly variations will blow you away!


While Camino is known for its kimchi-filled grilled cheese, its burger should not be overlooked. Since this is a pretty chill beer bar, the burger is cooked right behind the bar with a half-pound patty, gooey American cheese, and fried onions. Get them for just $5 on Mondays, or spice up your routine with specialty burgs on Wednesdays.


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