• Caroline Janes

Local Business Spotlight: The Fermentorium

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

First started as an at-home passion project, the Fermentorium wouldn’t be what it is today without founder Kristopher Volkman’s imagination, determination and of course love for brewing. Many years of planning and experimentation went into the taproom before the Fermentorium finally opened its doors in Cedarburg, and in just three short years, the brewery expanded to Wauwatosa.

It’s clear these guys know their beer since they know exactly what goes into each batch down to the malts, hops, adjuncts, and yeast profiles. But don’t let their abundance of knowledge be intimidating, they welcome beer connoisseurs and newbies all the same.

With six different series of both creative and traditional beers, using different elements and methods of brewing, guests can explore countless flavors all in one place. The Fermentorium embraces the weird like their Rainbows and Lollipops Double IPA, nods to the traditional with their Hefeweizens, and calls up old classics like Tropical Stouts. A lot of inspiration is taken from culinary sources in their pilot series, including the Texas Cherry Cobbler ale, which is recommended by Director of Sales and Marketing, Maggie Skinner. She notes that its “not overly sweet cherry notes blend beautifully with a touch of smoked malts.” Their flagship IPA dubbed Juice Packets are a must-try and are notable for their blends of citrus and piney hops.

The team at Fermentorium is constantly experimenting with new styles and techniques so production certainly stays busy. While owner Kristopher is usually the creative mastermind behind all the new brews, the team will pitch in name and artwork ideas from time to time. Be on the lookout for their fall seasonals featuring new exciting Southern Hemisphere hops that are currently getting harvested.

Due to COVID concerns and restrictions, the Fermentorium used their creative thinking and took the opportunity to expand their outdoor space with their guests' safety and comfortability in mind. Cedarburg’s location has a beautiful shaded pergola and are getting more outdoor furniture soon. The Wauwatosa location is gearing up to add a parklet off of 70th Street in the near future.

Aside from their 24+ beers on tap in the brewery, the Fermentorium also self-distributes and their sales rep ensures fresh Fermentorium brews are consistently hitting the shelves and taplines.