• Caroline Janes

Local Business Spotlight: Korea House

Serving Austin for 32 years, Korea House was the very first Korean restaurant that opened in the 512! Just four years ago, this traditional Korean spot was handed down from the original owners, to their son and his wife, CK and Chef Eunjin Kim. This transition brought a few changes including the decision to put the sushi bar to rest, making room for Chef EJ to develop new stronger flavors in their main dishes.

The foundation for delicious Korean food comes with patience because fermentation and marination are key components to creating depth and complexity in the flavor profiles. Chris Lim, Korea House's marketing director, says, "Deeper and heartier flavors take time, patience, and dedication." Although this method of preparing and cooking food is often regarded as old fashioned, Chef EJ takes pride in their slow and steady process because of the rich flavor pay off.

Their versatile menu includes Korean BBQ, Doshirak (Korean lunch boxes), beef or pork Bulgogi, as well as Bibimbap and Kimchi fried rice. As the cooler weather hits, Korea House is preparing with seasonal dishes such as their Eomuk Tang, a traditional street food served in a hot pot featuring spicy jalapenos and fishcake, as well as prepping outdoor dining arrangements. Guests can feel transported away on their patio area complete with outdoor heaters for a cozy atmosphere and views of their tranquil pond. They even encourage a

BYOB policy, bring your own blanket, that is!

This year, Korea House is giving back to the community by offering Korea House gift box sets featuring house-made ssamjang, meat dipping sauce, Korean seasoning salt, house-made Korean pickles, Ssam set (lettuce, garlic, jalapeños), grilling vegetables and your choice of 2 to 4 KBBQ meats that come packaged in a thermal pouch. These gift boxes start at $20, and all proceeds go to Foster Village Austin, a organization that provides resources for foster children and foster families from clothing, therapeutic support, and other necessities.

Korea House's slogan, "Made Well, Eat Well" is truly a testament to their slow and steady cooking process and beautifully rich flavors. You can find them in our 2021 Austin Foodie Flight passport for $10 off your tab!