• Annie Leggett

Local Business Spotlight: Di Carlo Salon

Di Carlo Salon & Barbershop has been offering not only the best services, but also the best prices for more than 10 years. They were the first premier hybrid salon in Milwaukee and proved to everyone that they can deliver a premium salon experience at a price everyone can afford without sacrificing quality. Di Carlo has made this the foundation of their business and continue to provide their clients with the utmost experience every time they come in. It's the philosophy that has earned them not only the most loyal customers, but also some of the best stylists and barbers in the business.

So what is a hybrid salon you might ask? It’s a salon that has a gender-neutral environment that caters to both men and women. They make sure it's an enjoyable experience for everyone by offering an extensive and affordable list of services for both men and women. Why pay $45 for a men's haircut or hundreds of dollars for salon services when you can get it all done better for much less? Di Carlo truly differentiates themselves by delivering high-quality hair services that are affordable on any budget.

On top of that, they even offer a customizable experience for clients with a range of packages and add-ons using products from high-end brands which makes your experience go far beyond a simple haircut. The upgrade services range anywhere from $5 to $65 and give you 12 new barbershop services and 18 new salon services for you to choose from! They even will tell you exactly how much time each package will add-on to your trip so you can know in advance. You can tell that they make it a goal of theirs to make sure you know all the options they have available for you to look and feel your best.

Whether you’re looking for that old-school barbershop or high-end salon experience, you can find it at Di Carlo! Check them out in our 2021 Milwaukee Fab Flight where you can take advantage of an exclusive offer!