• Audrey Cooper

Local Business Spotlight: Brushed Roots Salon

By now, it is widely known that small businesses around the nation have been faced with a number of insurmountable obstacles since the onset of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. While many have sadly had to close their doors, Brushed Roots Salon opened theirs for the first time under the ownership of Mark and Carrie Drollinger.

In February of this year, COVID-19 was on everyone’s radar, but many Americans remained unaware of the impending impact the virus would have on life as we knew it. Despite the potential consequences, the Drollingers purchased Brush Roots and closed the establishment at the end of March, right around the time chaos ensued. When mandatory quarantine went into full effect and businesses deemed non-essential were forced to close to the public, all of the existing stylists left to pursue other opportunities, leaving Mark and Carrie with virtually no staff members to provide services, even if they had been able to at the time.

Instead of accepting defeat, the couple persevered through the hardships and are now officially open to the Round Rock community, offering the services of three amazing stylists and one lash technician. Although the salon is not currently able to take on more staff due to social distancing restrictions limiting the output of services, the ever-optimistic Drollingers view this as a silver lining, as it provides them with ample time to build the best team possible. Currently, their stylists offer hair care services to both men and women, including cutting, styling, treatments, coloring, extensions and lash services. All products used in the salon are sulfate and paraben free, and contain all-natural ingredients.

With very little experience in the beauty industry, aside from Carrie having become a licensed esthetician, it is extremely admirable what the Drollingers have been able to accomplish as small business owners - especially given the challenges associated with the current state of the world. Their decision to purchase Brushed Roots was influenced by Carrie’s desire to “retire” from the corporate world and pursue something she loves, and her passion certainly shines through in the salon’s day-to-day operations.

Here at Jettset Local, we have always believed in the power of small businesses as the backbones of their respective communities. While this year has been especially difficult for many, we are proud to be supporting establishments like Brushed Roots Salon by featuring them in our 2021 Austin Fab Flight. Be sure to pick yours up and visit the Drollingers and their esteemed team of stylists to receive an exclusive offer!