• Annie Leggett

Local Business Spotlight: Arch Apothecary

Arch Apothecary’s beautiful Milwaukee shop is coming up on their one year anniversary this November. Wisconsin native and owner, Cera Fass, says this has been a vision for them since they first opened in Rockford. Cera had first joined the company when they opened a store in downtown Chicago, then 4 years later opened up their boutique in Madison in 2015, and finally brought the upscale cosmetics boutique and blow-dry bar to the Third Ward. Arch Apothecary stands out from other boutiques in more ways than one. You can see the attention to detail Cera Fass and Milwaukee store manager Cara Piper have when you first walk into the store. It’s a beautiful open space, with windows everywhere and lots of natural lighting. Arch’s four stores are also locally owned and run by Cera and her two business partners.

They are all about carrying natural or organic products that you can’t find just anywhere. Some of these exclusive brands include Omorovicza and Eminence for skincare, Laura Mercier and Kevyn Aucoin for makeup, and Oribe for hair. Now you might be thinking some of these products might be out of your budget, but they make sure to carry a selection of products with different price ranges so there’s something for everyone. They even try all of their products beforehand to make sure clients will be pleased with the results just another

way to show how Cera and Cara always put their customers first! Lastly, if you haven’t already, Arch's express services are a must try. You can find anything from makeup applications, eyebrow and eyelash services, blowouts, hydrafacials, BOTOX, and more.

So whether you’re looking to get a little upkeep on your brows or makeup, or you need a blowout before a special event, Arch Apothecary is your one-stop shop for everything you need! You can even find Arch in our 2021 Milwaukee Fab Flight passport with an exclusive offer you won’t want to miss out on.