• Audrey Cooper

Local Business Spotlight: AMRAP Method

When it comes to personal fitness, everybody's journey is different. Local Grafton couple Hali and Joe Moro recognized and embraced this ideology when they decided to start their own gym, AMRAP Method, in 2019. Inspired by the fluctuations in each of their own relationships with exercise and activity, the Moro's AMRAP Method offers a number of programs designed to accommodate a variety of interests and abilities when it comes to working out.

AMRAP is an acronym for "As Many Reps As Possible," and serves not only as the name of the establishment, but also as a philosophy for fitness and for life at large. At AMRAP Method, members are encouraged to focus on getting as much of one thing done as possible within a definite amount of time - both while they are at the gym, and after they leave to carry on with the rest of their days.

The Moros have found great personal success with adopting this mindset for themselves, and have made it their mission to share it within the Grafton community.

What sets AMRAP Method apart from other gyms and fitness facilities is their commitment to offering diverse opportunities for members to discover exercise programs that are best suited to their lifestyle and goals. Although Hali and Joe fell in love with fitness through CrossFit training (which is unironically where they also fell in love with each other), they have worked to build a team of passionate fitness coaches who help to lead AMRAP Active group classes, personal training sessions and supervision during after-hours, unguided access. In addition to these offerings, Hali is also a certified "Working Against Gravity" nutrition coach and leads an Active Mom & Baby class, which is safely designed for postpartum recovery.

Hali, Joe and their esteemed team are not your average, intimidating gym owners and employees. They have personally experienced the ups and downs associated with finding your fitness groove, and as a result, have created a welcoming, judgement-free environment where you are your only competition.

Whether you are new to the fitness world or are an advanced athlete looking to switch up your routine, be sure to pick up our 2021 Milwaukee Fab Flight to gain access to a special offer at AMRAP Method and discover what makes them so special!