What is Jettset Local?

Jettset Local is a company that supports local businesses throughout Milwaukee, WI and Austin, TX through our unique gift passports, Foodie Flight and Fab Flight, which offer discounts at 25+ businesses throughout the cities. 


What's the difference between Foodie and Fab Flight?

Foodie Flight is focused on local restaurants and offers $10 off a $25 purchase at each of the 25 locations in the gift passport.

Fab Flight supports 25 local spa, fitness, and beauty establishments. Each business can customize their offer ranging from free nail services to 50% off a massage, a free week yoga pass, and many more. 


How much does it cost?

Foodie Flight has a $250 value and is sold for just $25. Fab Flight has a value of more than $500 and is sold for just $30. 


How do I fundraise with you?

We value supporting our local community through fundraisers! We’ve helped raise over $50,000 by partnering with local fundraising groups. Please email us at info@jettsetlocal.com to start the process. 


How do I become a retail partner?

We’d love to become your retail partner! Please email us at info@jettsetlocal.com to start the process. 


Do you offer group sales?

Absolutely! Please email us at info@jettsetlocal.com for more information. 


How are the restaurants selected?

We partner with top-tier, trendy, local businesses throughout Milwaukee and Austin. Extensive research goes on behind the scenes before we decide to join a partnership.